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I have been singing since I was six years old. I would sing in my school and church choirs. I remember being Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz in Grade 8. Which was such a highlight in my life.

When I was twenty-two years old, the Lord reminded me of my love for music and that I needed to begin to write songs and minister to His people. My brother and I wrote over 300 songs, but we didn't know where to start.

As time went on, life got busy and I forgot about my music. I still sang at church on the worship team, but singing was not my main priority.

In 2016, the Lord showed me that I needed to start writing and singing again. I began writing and singing songs everyday. I knew that the songs were not meant to be kept to myself, but to be shared with the world.  I didn't have much income and I had no idea how I would begin SHERmusic. I had to trust that God had a plan and He would lead me. I decided that I would work with what I had.  I could not afford a Producer or have my music mixed to perfection. All I had was my voice and the music.

Now you know a bit about me I am hoping to meet many of you as I tour! Always know my music is for you, I pray that wherever you are in life that you will know that God loves and cares about you. I hope my music He has given to me will enrich and encourage you always.

With love,


Behind the Scenes
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